CHULA Exclusive Distribution


With a presence in the best shopping centers in Mexico and an international projection that allows us to position ourselves in more than 15 countries in the world.

CHULA seeks to impact the public with a corporate image designed to adapt to all cultures, identities and tastes in general.

Knowing about the mutual commitment to success, we firmly believe that CHULA can be part of a commercial space at any recognized Shopping Center.


We have a wide variety of products ideal for whatever your place in the world, with attractive prices and also elaborated under international quality standards.

Our seasonal collections are modern, colorful, cheerful and very fashionable, and also allow our customers to create their own styles.

Point of Sale Options.



Required measures: Between 9m2 and 25m2

With a minimum space we can carry a large part of our lines in any shopping mall or commercial area.

Our wide range of products and models allows us to offer a range of possibilities in a space of these dimensions.



Required measures: Between 25m2 and 60m2

CHULA gives you the possibility of having a point of sale in a traditional store, with all the advantages of a brand with international presence and excellent acceptance, regardless of who your customer is, and where in the world you are.





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